Late April to Early May

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on our way

I think I love Lviv most when it is in blossom.
After a long shy winter the trees blush with flowers.
Spreadings the happiness over and in us.
Lviv goes calm and crazy in the same time.
It is like being part a magical show.
That repeats itself every year.
But without any predictability.

April goes to May

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I am slowly catching up with time. Now we have reached April and Early May. April was a months with really switching weather. From ultra-hot to cold as in… Sweden. I prefer Ukrainian heat to Northern chill, actually. And it seems my camera do too.

And May is soon to come also to viewpoint-east

More Early March summer feeling

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In Early March we had this real summer weather. Here is some more photos of a wonderful walk to the village Vynnynky and some more walks through the Lvivian outskirts.

Lviv in LOMO

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I got a LOMO Smena 8M camera this winter. After a small repair I started to use it. However, it seems thought that my Swedish viking hands are just too strong for Soviet stuff plastic… so I broke it, after just eight shots… But what pictures, eh? I just love the interpretation of the world it does! So I must fix it again. I will NOT give up!

Botaniska trädgården höll öppet hus

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En dag om året har Lvivs Botaniska trädgård öppet för allmänheten. I år hade de öppet den 22 april. Enligt ryktet hade de mycket god reklam och tillströmningen var enorm. Huvudattraktionen var magnolian. Tyvärr lyckades inte fotografen få den på bild, då han fastande med näsan i magnoliabuskaget. Nedan får ni i alla fall ta del av den slutna värld som i söndags öppnade sig för allmänheten.

Det stora växthuset

Även djurlivet intresserar

Dammen var barnens andra favorit

Ett för oss okänt träd intresserade många

Damer i samspråk

Om man inte gillar huvudentrén
kan man ju gå in här

Lviv in watercolor by prallin

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