June in late July

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Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Fomapan 200
Pictures by: Sophie “Sonia” Engström

Lviv • Lwów • Lemberik • Lvov • Lemberg

June 2016

handle me

my yard



at the door

miasto view


miasto point




have a line

beloved one

Ljusaste dagen snart över

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I dag är det årets ljusaste dag, och vägen fram hit gick via mörker. Vi samtalar och förundras. Vi planerar och resonerar. Vi väntar på framtiden, som om det inte fanns ett _nu_.

Kamera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Kodak Vision 250
Plats: Lviv
Slutdestination: okänt

Bilder och text: Sophie “Sonia” Engström

flower me

Looking at that heart

day off

that glimpse


Love Ukraine

tree talks

hold the line

we have said it to each other

yellow greay

have a shot

sit there

“Har du svans?”

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För en tid sedan fick jag rådet att starta en blogg för att nå ut med mina texter och min kunskap om Ukraina. Jag har ju haft viewpoint-east sedan 2009, och fick det rådet mig att tänka på Benedikt i romanen Därv av Tatiana Tolstaja. I ett samtal med en annan invånare i landet Fjodrograd upptäcker han till sin förvåning att inte alla har svansar. “Har du svans?” … “Har du en blogg?”

Här kommer kanske en annan nyhet. Jag har en kamera. En Olympus OM-1. Jag använder ibland annorlunda filmer i min kamera. Som här, när jag använder Kodak Vision 250D.

Text och bild: Sophie “Sonia” Engström

May I 2016

I drank this

bloming on that side

where to?

aging is beautiful II

aging is beautiful I

in the cross rad

High castle again

take that break

gallaey ceiling

we are looking out

Strawberry bucket

taking that talk

00In the old town590003

Springer mot summer

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We run to the buzzer.
Warm snow float down from the trees.
We lean against our wishes,
of eternal spring.

(April 2016. Camera: Olympus OM-1. Film: Kodak Color 200.)

our yard

across the street

in the forrest

getting green

Stryskiy park

snail me



take a call


In every shadow

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In every shadow,
light is hiding.

On every shadow,
you find a way of light.
In all your breaths,
you are free.

Even when you are captured.

(March 2016. Olympus OM-1. Fomapan 200.)

Oh, this city

We Lwowie

Favourite region

Cherry berries blooming II

Anemone nemorosa

Fiddler on the Roof



Ferrum Lwów

The driver leaves the car

Many connections

Poland remain

Glowing Lviv in October

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We have turned sheet. We have turned into November.

But even though, we will remember October. This glowing October. So unlike and also a like others. We walk by the trees. Aware of their life circles. Perhaps we started to think about our own life circles. Perhaps we thought about somebody else.

But before we knew it. A silent sigh. Made all leafs leave there nest. Down on the ground. Redecorating our paths.

But some of you are still hanging up there. Knowing that Winter will make a try. Later in December.

Lviv October 2015

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More summer harmony in Lviv

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When the heat strikes Lviv, the tempo gets slower. And the city gets even more friendly and many spots are created for recreation and reflection. But sometimes we just invent them by ourselves.

resting in the park
It is nice and relieving in the grass.

waiting for my man
Anywhere were you can find shadow.

sitting in the shadow

sitting in the road

sitting at the restaurant

Even the bikes takes a rest.

The tomatoes is growing.

birthday flowers I
And the flowers too.

dinner arrangements
And the peas.

Flying ears
Kosma is resting in the bathroom.