(Läsningstid: 3 minuter) wants to make a difference in a world where mainstream media far too often walks in the same direction. We experience that imaginary walls between “east” and “west” still exists and are reproduced.’s idea is to spread information, to contribute to the creation of new spheres of communication and understandings between “west” and “east”.

To be online is not only an economic choice, but an obvious choice. We see internet as a force. Not as a clip board with notes without any connections. This force is actually a power that not only can, but already has, changed the world and our interpretations. We want to contribute to this force with the creation of alliances between people from different disciplines, and being online is the ultimate way of distributing this. has no intention to be political correct, in a world with many contexts correctness can often be a burden and a barrier for understanding. We rather wants to push the borders of your interpretations. also strives to be ultimately politically and economically independent, the latter implies that without our readers support, will not be able to succeed.

Notable is that we always in search for brave new frontiers that want to contribute to our goal, to establish a world with more power to information, less to prejudices.

This is how it works and what we focus on is an online magazine and campaigner, which publishes articles about Eastern Europe and the countries we often call the former Soviet states, FSU. focus on cultures and subcultures, the social web, civil rights movements, ideological debate and gender issues, to take some examples. have experience in project management in the region and offers you and your organization / company helped to draw up viable projects. The editor, Sophie (Sonia) Engström, can also help you to find trustworthy cooperation partners among NGOs or likewise, especially in Ukraine. can also be responsible for the entire chain, from project management to the final report.

Sophie Engström, editor.

… och detta är vad vi gör är en onlinetidskrift och plattform för texter om östra Europa och de länder vi kallar forna Sovjetstater. Artiklarna publiceras företrädesvis på svenska eller engelska. fokuserar på kulturer och subkulturer, den sociala webben, medborgarrättsrörelser, ideologisk och politisk debatt samt jämställdhet- och genusfrågor. har erfarenhet av projektledning i regionen och erbjuder dig och din organisation/företag hjälp med att skissa fram lönsamma projekt. Jag, Sophie (Sonia) Engström, har också ett stort kontaktnät i regionen (speciellt i Ukraina) och kan hjälpa dig att hitta pålitliga samarbetsparters bland NGOs eller företag. kan även ansvara för hela kedjan, från projektledning till den avslutande rapporteringen.

Sophie Engström, redaktör.

about the editor, Sophie Engström
Sophie Engström, lives in Kraków, Poland, and work at the faculty of Germanic languages, Jagellonican university. Previously lived in Lviv, Ukraine, 2010-2019, and worked Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. Born in Sweden.
MA in gender studies, Gothenburg University, specialized on gender in the Former Soviet Union. She has, after her degree, been working at Gothenburg University, as a freelance journalist and project leader. She has initiated projects within Ukraine and Russia, such as On how to favour democracy through culture magazine production – a workshop about cultural magazine held at The School of Journalism at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, with Medieverkstäderna i väst and financed by The Swedish Institute and supported by the Swedish Embassy in Kyiv and Gender Approach and Gender Education in Primary Schools in Ukraine – a project in cooperation between Women’s Folk High School in Gothenburg, Sweden, Women’s Consortium of Ukraine and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv. The basis of this product was laid at a conference in Kiev October 11-13, 2010.

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