Afternoon with Swedish poetry at Dzyga

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Yesterday Dzyga gallery hosted an afternoon with Swedish poetry spooken by Carl Forsberg, inter alia poet, editor at The gallery was full of visitors that showed a great interest in Swedish poetry from Gothenburg. Carl recited poems by Johannes Anyuru, Pamela Jaskoviak och Ragnar Strömberg. The translator Lev Hrytsyuk read his own translations and Hanna Mamchur interepeted our talk that focused on the situation for Swedish poetry and if there are any characteristic with the poetry from Gothenburg.

All the photos below was taken by Gustav Söderström.

The poster at the door to Dzyga.

Carl standing on the right. Sitting beside him Lev Hrytsyuk,
Hanna Mamchur and on the S.E.

Carl donated several culture magazines to the Swedish studies at
Ivan Franko National University.

Svensk poesi på Dzyga i Lviv

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Fredagen den 4 mars kommer Carl Forsberg, förläggare, poet, tidigare ansvarig utgivare för tidskriften Aorta och nuvarande redaktör på, att läsa dikter av Göteborgspoeter på anrika Dzyga i Lviv. Den ukrainska översättningen är gjord av Lev Hrytsyuk.

Вечір сучасної шведської поезії
4 березня, п’ятниця, 16.00
Галерея «Дзиґа» (Львів, вул. Вірменська,35)

Вірші з антології «18 поетів із Гетеборга» читають Карл Форсберґ і Лев Грицюк.

Розмова вестиметься про сучасну шведську поезію, гетеборзьку літературну сцену, роль літературних часописів та багато-багато іншого.
Модерує Софі Енґстрьом, перекладає Ганна Мамчур. За підтримки Шведського інституту.

Карл Форсберґ (нар. 1977 р. у Гетеборгу) — відомий шведський літературознавець, поет, перекладач. Вивчав мистецтвознавство та естетику. Працює з культурою та інформаційними технологіями. Редактор і видавець скандинавського часопису «Aorta», що разом із Видавництвом Карла Форсберґа підтримує ретроґардистський напрямок у літературі та мистецтві. Працював у культовому шведському поетичному часописі «Lyrikvännen» та на «Форумі поезії та прози», що займається професійною організацією літературних читаннь. Співзасновник літературного фестивалю «Textival». Редактор вебпорталу (Вікіпедія)

Lviv in December

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My photographic story about Lviv continues. These shots are from December 2010.

Lviv got some Northern visitors

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During this autumn Lviv has had visits from Scandinavia. Here are only some examples.

In October The Swedish Trade Council, and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine organized The Swedish Business Days. The purpose was to promote cooperation between Swedish and Ukrainian companies.

Also in October The Swedish Embassy also organized, in cooperation with Tekinska Museet in Stockholm, the exhibition “Kreativa Kvinnor” (“Creative Women”). During the opening the Swedish inventor Åsa Lövberg presented her invention, Guldkannan.

Åsa Lövberg, third form right.

On December 2 The Norwegian Embassy arranged a conference at Ivan Franko National University about the Norwegian author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. The day finished with a fantastic concert composed by the Norwegian composer Ole Bull at Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bjørnson translated into Ukrainian by Natalia Ivanichyck

Yesterday students that study Swedish at Ivan Frank National University in Lviv arranged Lucia. Below you can see a video with the evidence on their wonderful performance!

Lviv story continues

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Before I moved to Lviv I didnt know that one of my big role models in writing, Sholem Aleichem, did live in Lviv for a couple of years. But he was, as I, a restless soul and moved around a lot so to cross his tracks is not very surprising. However, I did know that Ludwik Fleck did work and live in Lviv before and during World War II. I hope to able to write about his Lvivian legacy during this winter. Below you can see a photo of the Jewish Hospital, were he worked.

Lviv in Autumn leafs

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This is how my photo sessions continuous. Lviv is a place that delivers great views in almost every angle. More to come…

Autumn in Lviv

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Autumn turns to Winter, and has been very silent for several months. To compensate this I will during the next coming days published some of my photo sessions from this autumn. I hope to be able to be some more active during winter and spring.