Snöfri eller snölös?

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Vi har bara haft en vända snö denna vinter. I början av december. Sedan smälte snön bort, och därefter har det varit barmark. Det är inte så dumt faktiskt. Jag föredrar nog isfria gator och grönskimrande träd under vinterhalvåret. Men frågan är hur bra det är för naturen. Får den sin vintervila? Hur blir det i vår? Och kommer vintern extra sent i år och vi får snö i april? Några bilder från förra vintern, som var extremt snörik… Vackert var det i alla fall, även om gatorna var förfärligt glatta.

sleeping bees

forest try to capture light

Snowy Vynnynky

doctor talk




Summer in the city – Lviv 2013

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Summer in the city. Lviv offers many different activities, but here are some examples, talking at balconies, crazy rain that transforms into heat, shadows in yards, cleaned washing hanging between the trees. Watch that summer loveliness and go to Lviv to try it out yourself.

rain drops

old friend

inside shadows

sit down

old collection


balcony cat


eat here


talk talk


May 2013 L’viv

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Traces from this spring. Traces from the past. From people that was here. People that are no longer here. Traces from our present time. Traces from our nature.

As long as we never forget the traces of those who where here, plurality will succeed.

Dedicated to my friend Alex.

book it

portrait of the pigeon as wet

on pedestal

abstractions in the corner of our eyes

face the wall


Burroughs was here too

tree skin

face the window



goddess on a shelf


Vesna 2013

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lviv normalities

When Winter left us we were fast joined by Spring.

in bloom VI

However Spring was in such a hurry and decided to run fast as only Spring does.

swim day I

First day of swimming arrived

meat me

Meat Market struggling in the heat

The whole set.


Autumn 2012 Flashback

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Found an undeveloped film from last Autumn, including Holodomor celebrations in L’viv and Wine and Cheese Fest… so here we go.

holodomor 2012 III

Traces of light. Holodomor 2012.


From Winter Spring to Summer Spring

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cheers with us

It took time, but spring and summer warmth came to our part of Europe. This is an exposé, starting from the first of our March-snow storms and ending two weeks ago, when we with drowsy eyes still tried to get used to the clear blue skies. It is almost hard to understand we still didn’t have fully blooming trees back then, two weeks ago. When spring comes times really do fly!


Goodbye, Winter

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Now, when Winter hopefully is loosing its grip I feel safe to post some Winter memories. Let’s call it “Winter 2012/3 R.I.P – May you never come back”.

In a couple of days I will though publish some more Winter shots. The rhythm of slowness… and film developing.


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