“Cops on Fire” a very new Hip-hopera

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The hip-hopera “Cops on Fire” have the first night of performance on the 4th of December in S:t Petersburg. The music is written by Alexander Holenko, also known as Sasha Dza or Dzhem, who also is the founder of the label how2make. The director is Yury Kvyatkovsky and the creative producer Sasha Pas.

The creative association Le Cirque de Sharles La Tannes stands for the performance. Some probably remember their interpretation of the Russian author Victor Pelevin’s short story “The crystal world”. You can watch a clip from that performance under the cut.


The press release about “Cop on Fire” tell us is an experimental project and result of creative confluence of theatre culture and contemporary youth music. The creators decided to call the genre of their creation «hip-hopera». Hip-hopera = live hip-hop arias + original decorations + tricks + choreography.

When I look at the clip below I must say that I think of the video to the song “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys. But on the other hand, it could be that somebody whispered that in my ear 😉 In any case i hope that the ironic touch is as obvious as it is in the video “Sabotage” and in a way i believe i can sense it!

Cops On Fire @ Picnic Afisha from Januk Latushka ACIDBURN on Vimeo.

… and a taste of “The Crystal World”

Crystal World from Januk Latushka ACIDBURN on Vimeo.

… based on a short story by Victor Pelevin.

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