Gender Equality in Ukraine

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wikigender is a very interesting and needed project. I agree with it, even though I often hesitate for more “separatistic” movements like that. When it comes to gender equality i think it should be mainstreamed, not separated form the general debate or issue. But if you are looking for certain information about gender situation I think it is a great project. (I also think wikiprogress is a really great idea! It is when I see projects like that i understand the extreme impact web 2.0 and social web actually have on IRL).

I also think the wikigender page about Ukraine is great, since you can find several interesting articles in the bottom, and especially then the gender watch.

But women’s representation in parliament, in Ukraine, really… well, suck. 7,1% actually makes me wishing I have had chosen an other field for my interest! But on the other hand, one might say that this only shows how smart women are compared to men; I mean, who wants to be in that swamp of corruption and stupidity anyway? And when it comes to real changes for greater gender equality my assumption is that both candidates (again) suck in that regard… I would even call Yulya Tymoshenko the worst gender equality enemy Europe has… well, possibly after Berlusconi : ))) But according to the lastest pull Yanukovych is leading with 10.5% over Tymoshenko. And since I don’t like any of them, I can’t say I feel much interest in who wins. The country need to make many changes, however, none of the two candidates are serious when they mean that want to change. And please prove me if I am wrong!

Tymoshenko and Janukovych from todays Kyiv Post

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  1. We are in agreement that wikigender should not site in its little silo away from the other issues. http://www.wikiprogress is a new site that just started and the idea is that all of the dimensions of progress (wellbeing, climate change, culture, wealth, agriculture, etc) will have the gender element mainstreamed through them. wikigender was actually the pilot for wikiprogress so these sites (though it may not look like it currently) really will work together. The assumtion is of course that if women are progressing then society is progressing.
    As this is new, we are really asking the gender community to help out wikiprogress and wikigender to look at those facets of progress and help write and update articles, submit multimedia, blog etc.

    Another interesting part of both of these wikis is the data element. We are currently trying to pull together as many datasets as we can on progress and put them out on the wiki. As data availability is a real issue at all levels, we are hoping to get as much as we can even at the local level so there is a centralised place for data (gender disagreggated ideally) to be analysed.

    Thank you for posting about wikiprogress and wikigender!