Ukraine and Russia finds agreements, but really not enough

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On the 19th of November the two Prime ministers from Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Yulya Tymoshenko, decided in Jalta on a new agreement on the gas delivery from Russia to Ukraine. This agreement could possibly make it easier to avoid a verbal conflict between the two countries about the gas deliveries and calm down a nervous EU that are depended on gas deliveries from Russia through Ukraine. The countries have had a pretty rough time during the past several years to agree on how much it should cost and how much gas should be delivered. Ukraine has during the international finical crisis reduced their needs in gas and one brick in the quarrel has been if Ukraine could got permission to cut gas – or if the “take and pay” solution would increase the burden on Ukraine’s already weakened economic situation. But after this agreement, both the population in Ukraine, and EU, could draw a sigh of relief. It is now also possibly that both Russia and EU hold Tymoshenko as a favourite candidate for the presidential election on the 17th of january 2010.

tymeshenko banner
The banner says: “The Prime minister Yulya Tymoshenko will adress Ukraine on the eve of Day of Freedom”, which is 22th of November.

But I, that in many senses are such a misanthrope, must complain some. Both the countries should make some more fuzz over to the report from Wold health Organization that revelas that HIV/AIDS still is a matter in the countries. There is about 1% HIV infected in Russia, and even more in Ukraine, 1,6%. WHO also estimates that the figues of infected in Eastern Europe as a whole, actually rose, but worldwide it actually dropped! From mine point of view, that is something really important for the two countries Prime ministers to find agreements on how to solve!

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