Massages from Belarus

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The Swedish NGO and civil rights organisation Östgruppen has released an album. The album is a compilation with Belarus artists and it is part of the organisation’s work to highlight article 193 in the Belarus penal.

Among the artists you can find some of the most successful artists on the alternative scene in Belarus. Artists as Krama, Kasia Kamotskaja, Tav.Mauzer are well-known in Belarus and neighbour countries, but few have ever heard any Belarusian music in Sweden. This is, strangely enough, the first compilation of Belarus popular music released in Sweden. According to the chair man at Östgruppen, Martin Uggla, the interest and knowledge about Belarus is very small in Sweden, but he hopes that this compilation will contribute to establish an interest for Belarus issues, music and culture in Sweden.

Listen to sample from the album here.

Article 193 in Belarus penal implies criminalize all activities in an organization that is not registered and approved by the State. The law serves as an effective brake on all the Belarusian independent organisations. Östgruppen demands by their campaign to repeal the law.

A satir that criticise article 193, made by the Belarusian organisation Asambleja.

If you are interested in buying the compilation or have any other questions concerning this album please contact hanna[dot]soderbaum[at]ostgruppen[dot]se and go here for more info in swedish.

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