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I love bikes and biking. All my life I have had owned a bike and it has always been part of me and my mentality to bike. Partly because I hate cars! Can’t stand them. Never could have! This perhaps explain why I have very mixed feelings for the new biking cult that has, during the last year, grown stronger and stronger in Lviv.

When I came here a year ago I almost never saw bikes. Something was missing in the city culture. A city is no city without decent bikers and bikes, well at least for me. But during the last year I see bikes more often and I am very glad that I do see them, but, there are two very big “but”.

1. The first “but” concern where I find them, on the pavement. I can understand that the traffic does not allow bikes to be in the street, but do please try to behave nice. Today I often find bikers more offensive and aggressive than car drivers, which is absurd! It i also a bit hard to understand why one have to bike very fast at the pavement. If your up on the pavement try to avoid hurt pedestrians.

This rules for bikers that I found on a blog is actually not accurate since most bikers are on the pavement, so simple rules on how to behave at the pavement should be added, unless most pedestrians should start to hate bikers. And we don’t want that, do we?

2. My second “but” has to do with style. I am no fan of sport… Any kind of sport. I am “anti-sportish” and very proud of it. This imply that I am not very found of lycra. And any sport clothes, especially on bikes. I must say i find the blog cycle chic® a bit stupid, but he do have a point, Mikael Colville-Andersen, to bike is style and lycra… is not style.

It also make the whole biking situation look very unconformable, lycra on a pavement. Who want to do that? Well, I am not sure that I would, even though I am a bike lover.