I take my coffee (alternatively)

Category: by sophie engström, photo by prallin & sonia
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What I do love about Lviv, is all the great initiatives. Especially those on grass root level. Well, I know, in greater cities these are more usual, or even more extravagant, initiative. But here you notice them and many initiative effect the city more. And it is actually the small things that makes the big difference in the long run. Almost everything is cooler when it is small. When it grows to large, you get used to it, and perhaps even bored with it.




I think though, that it will take long until I get bored with Alternative coffee. Their coffee is really something different. It’s not only about the taste, or the passion the coffee is made by, but with the idea itself. How these guys wants to change and inspire the public space around their little coffee hut.



For you that are in Lviv, tomorrow is the big day. The big opening day. Let’s come to Doroshenka 45 at 18.00 tomorrow and drink some tasty coffee. They want to hear you opinion on what to do around their coffee hut. How to recreate the public space. And let yourself get inspired by them and learn all about how to make a difference!

And some music