Феміністична Офензива – A Feminist Initiative

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Some good things really do comes out of bad things. Well, I hope not to provoke too much, but after have been living in Ukraine for more than five months I have only one word to say about the country’s gender order, horrifying. And I also admit that is close to an understatement.

I could go though many examples on how politicians ignore equal rights for women, or every day life situation that not only I find absurd.

But I will not.

Instead I would like to present for you those that do react, and have in mind to make a change Феміністична Офензива, a feminist offensive towards a new world order. Below you find photos and a video from their demonstration on March 8. And I have now only one word to tell you, enjoy! I am so happy to have your power around!

photo by Olha Vensinanka

photo by Olha Vensinanka

video by Olga Bryukhovetska

3 Responses to “Феміністична Офензива – A Feminist Initiative”

  1. it seems there were not so many of them… honestly, I never felt significant gender discrimination, at least in business world in Ukraine. I encountered women at leading positions, and those who wanted to work more and showed results could always get to the top. There were alsoover 70%of women in our class at business school. Maybe gender discrimination is more of academic/political issue?

  2. Thanks for posting this. Where did the demo take place? I guess in Kyiv? I called to a leading women’s NGO in Lviv to ask what will happen here, but they already had their action a week before or so. I was quite disappointed.
    And to add to your conversation: being at the top (any top: corporate, political, science) is only sustainable and rewardful when you’ve reached that top in a way that pays respect to your abilitiy as a person, not as a woman only. So it both seems to count; both numbers and attitudes.
    Hope we’ll walk the demo together next year!