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So, is slowly returning form its summer coma. One of the main reasons why there has been such low activity is that will change location to Lviv in Ukraine during this autumn. A matter a fact from late September.

But to help to be keep going as strong as it was this spring, I would like to encourage you to write, find writers, come with topic ideas, contribute with photo/art slideshows, etc etc! really need this help, in getting stronger and improved. You can write in English, Swedish, Russian or Ukrainian.

I myself is working on a new topic that is focusing on the question how socialism will be able to reinforce and think new after many years of being trapped in a neo-liberal paradigm. Is it possible to believe Olivier Besancenot when he says that we can find a new way of revolution, reinvented, far from the “bloody caricatures” we had earlier in history? How does people in countries like Ukraine, Poland, Russia perceive this?

Do you have any ideas to add to mine or any other serious ideas? Fell welcome to contact me!