Lviv in July

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Lviv in July is calm.

Almost sleepy. You walk from a bench to café. From the shadow into the sun. You sit on your balcony. Contemplate over the tree. “How many peas will it deliver, this year?”, you might think. And if you are lucky, you can hear a clarinet duet. Diets preformed with crystal clear accuracy. You can take also trolley bus no. 13, and take a walk in a lushly dacha area. Admire the greeness. The insaness in all the growing.

Or you could just stay on that bench. Tell yet an other story…

Lviv July I 2015

Lviv in June 2015

Category: by sophie engström, photography
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Lviv June VI 2015

Lviv in June and July. It is somethings special summer here. The stillness and peacefulness. Something I never experienced anywhere before.

The first film here is captured with a Kodak 250D. Kind of interesting feeling in them, don’t you say?

PS. It’s slide shows. Press on the pictures and you see more!

June 2015 V Lviv

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